Thursday, September 6, 2012

Multiplication Mania

Please remember to study those multiplication facts each night! I know that everyone is so busy during this time of year. One suggestion is to practice in the car. As you are going to school, football practice, the grocery store, etc., you can quiz your child on the basic facts. By studying 10 minutes each day, you will notice drastic improvements. I am including three links below which will enable you to practice facts online. These are just a couple of many. Happy studying! 

This website has activities, and an option to print your own flashcards.
This is an interesting website that allows you to take timed multiplication tests. The timer is set, and you answer the questions, it grades your answers at the end. Remember, our goal is to be able to answer 100 questions in 5 minutes!
This is my favorite website, Math Magician. This website has many fun games that you can play while practicing your facts! 

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